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New publications in Neuroimage: Reports, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience 2021-05-17

Just wanted to take the opportunity to bring to attention that these two new publications were added to the site 🥳

The first one stems from my Master's dissertation, on neural correlates of brain aging. It's in fact the last paper out of it. A big question when we were working on that was if the rate of age-related atrophy was dissociated from the average cortical thickness of a region. We show that no, there is a correlation between both. In fact, proportionally thinning in thicker cortices is lesser than in thinner ones, even though in absolute value thicker cortices lose more millimeters per year. From this finding, we discuss possible cellular correlates of thinning. We relate relative positions of cortical regions in these two axes to laminar organization, including granularity and cortical structural types. This is not the end, stay tuned for more on this finding!

The second one is a review, the result a from a bi-national collaboration with researchers from the University of Tehran, through a grant granted by FAPESP and the CSTC. There is great interest nowadays on the neural correlates of human intelligence differences using MRI. We set out to integrate the many studies on the literature, including findings on structural, diffusion, functional and multimodal MRI approaches. My main contributions were to the introduction and the last section, on the prediction of human intelligence differences using machine learning, which is the topic on my PhD.

Check them out, see you in the next ones!