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Systematic review of prediction of intelligence from neuroimaging published in Intelligence 2022-05-12

Very happy to announce that our work "On the prediction of human intelligence from neuroimaging: A systematic review of methods and reporting" has been published in Intelligence! This is the second work from my Thesis (which is not online yet!).

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The idea for this project was born during the first submission of "Linking brain biology to intellectual endowment: a review on the associations between human intelligence and neuroimaging data". One of the anonymous reviewers suggested that we perform a systematic search for articles. While we did not feel the systematic aspect would fit the broad and narrative scope of that first review, the growing field of brain-based predictive modeling applied to behavior seemed like a good candidate.

Systematic reviews are very time consuming, but I believe our work may be used as a basis, to accelerate the systematic review process for other applications in brain-behavior predictive modeling. In special, the use of standardized tools and guidelines could be adopted by the research community.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the authors, G.S.P. Pamplona, K. Fachinello, A.K. Silva, Prof. M.P. Foss, and Prof. C.E.G. Salmon, and also the anonymous reviewers of this submission and of the original submission. I believe the work was greatly improved due to anonymous peer-review. An special thanks to reviewer #2, whoever you are, who greatly incentivized me with their comments.