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Troubleshooting: Freesurfer surfaces with Freeview through XMing 2022-10-10


If you are having trouble with rendering surfaces in Freeview through Xming, try the following, try it with Xming-mesa


In my workflow, I use Freeview to visualize surfaces in Freesurfer. Freesurfer is in a remote server, and I use XMing to display the GUI in my local machine. I use the last free version of XMing, which is

This resulted in the following renders:

The surface renders are not correct, with lots of missing triangles.

Using Xming in another machine, I was not able to reproduce the problem, thus discarding the possibility of a problem with the server.


Xming used to have a version called Xming-mesa, which provides support for OpenGL. The Xming (non-mesa) version supports application that rely on X calls, but not OpenGL. Version was released back in 2007, and it is the last release that does not require a license ("Donor Password") to use[1]. Using Xming-mesa the problem was solved:


[1] http://www.straightrunning.com/xmingnotes/