tags: aging; functional connectivity; fMRI; master's; dissertation; cortical thickness; fALFF

Brain functional connectivity in regions with cortical thinning linked to healthy aging (Dissertation)

B.H. Vieira, University of São Paulo, 2018-02-22
Open Access 10.11606/D.59.2018.tde-17042018-130342

This dissertation was written for the completion of my M.Sc. in Physics Applied to Medicine and Biology, under the ever productive supervision of Prof. Carlos E. G. Salmon at the University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. A special thanks to Professors Gabriela Castellano (IFGW - Unicamp), Koichi Sameshima (FM - USP) and João R. Sato (NINA, CMCC - UFABC) for accepting my invitation to compose my dissertation defense committee.

The main motivation behind this work was the fact that, while the literature on brain aging is very comprehensive on the main effects of age on the brain, co-occurrence or interactions between effects are often less studied.

Parts of this dissertation were modified and subsequently published: