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New pre-print on the prediction of intelligence from neuroimaging 2021-10-22

Just wanted to point out that we just posted a preprint on BioRxiv! In "On the prediction of human intelligence from neuroimaging: A systematic review of methods and reporting" we collected the literature on the application of machine-learning to the prediction of intelligence from MRI, spanning 30 studies from 2008 through 2020. See the Twitter thread for more details:

For this work, I counted on great collaborators and co-authors, Dr. Gustavo Santo Pedro Pamplona, Karim Fachinello, Alice Kamensek Silva, Prof. Maria Paula Foss, and Prof. Carlos Ernesto Garrido Salmon.

This preprint is part of my Thesis by the way. Did I say that my defense it's right around the corner? It will be held in November 17th, 2021. Don't miss it!